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Größere Flexibilität in kardiologischen Rehabilitationskliniken durch zusätzliche ambulante Therapieangebote


Karoff, Marthin; Weinheimer, H.


k. A.


Die Rehabilitation, 1996, 35. Jahrgang (Heft 4), Seite 205-210, Stuttgart: Thieme, ISSN: 0034-3536




This study shows that additional outpatient/partially inpatient treatment provided in a cardiological rehabilitation hospital effectively complements inpatient rehabilitation treatment but does not replace it. Our flexible system which comprises a shorter stay in hospital and subsequent partially inpatient treatment allows more intensive treatment of the patient in the early phase of rehabilitation. It supports patients when they have returned home and have to test out how they manage with their restricted physical and mental performance in their social environment. It appears possible to develop criteria to select the individually appropriate form of treatment.

The introduction of outpatient/partially inpatient therapy in a cardiological rehabilitation hospital does not appear to entail disadvantages for the patients. It contributes to more flexible, and in particular to more individualized, treatment. The ongoing pilot projects will show whether in the final analysis this will also entail a saving of costs. Not only in view of their specialist competence are the cardiological rehabilitation hospitals suitable and able to participate in measures to increase the flexibility of cardiological rehabilitation.

They should therefore either completely integrate outpatient/partially inpatient methods in their concept of therapy or after a shortened inpatient treatment. They should then evaluate these methods so as to be able to contribute to an informed discussion on this topic. This also would mean that available resources would be better utilized, which would in addition be of particular importance at present, in a situation dominated by discussions of costs.

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