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A comparison of employment outcomes between one- and two-year vocational education programs

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Rehabilitation - Shaping healthcare for the future


Echarti, Nicolas


Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (DRV Bund)


Berlin: Eigenverlag, 2019, Seite 249-251




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Traditionally, the focus of German re-training programs has been on long term measures, which are oftentimes completed through formal examinations. Following criticism with regards to long lasting lock-in effects, there has been an uprising of partial re-training measures that usually can be completed within one year. So far, most of the empirical research in Germany has focused on non-disabled study populations and persons receiving means tested unemployment benefits.

For example, Bernhard & Kruppe (2012) have shown, that partial retraining has a considerable beneficial impact on participants as it raises the employment rate in the medium term. Their results is linked to the findings of Biewen & Waller (2007) who find that short-term programs are surprisingly effective when compared to the traditional and more expensive longer-term programs, and Fitzenberger & Völter (2007), who examined the comparative effectiveness of public sponsored training programs with the federal employment office.

Recently, an evaluation of the differential impact of partial and full re-training measures for person with disabilities has been brought forward by Bethge & Streibelt (2015). Using four years of follow up data, the authors show, that for the matched rehabilitants partial qualifications led to at least comparable integration results compared to the longer two-year programs.

The goal of this analysis is to re-estimate the differential impact of one- and two-year vocational education programs for persons with disabilities given the availability of eight years of follow up data.

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